Sunday, 17 July 2011

day one.. post one..

well they say that every long journey start's with one step... well the same can be said for a new blog...
I want this blog to be about me and what makes my life happy, this includes my card making..

this is one of my fav cards... I love the hedgehogs...
my family..

Rosie (17) Pete (hubby 56) Chris (15)
I have also got another daughter Amanda (25) son-in-law Matt and a Grandaughter Lucie (2)
older sister Theresa, older brother James and a younger sister Maggie, plus neice's and nephews...
Apart from making cards I also enjoy looking after Lucie twice a week when my daughter goes to work, I love cooking but the eating is killing me.. (I am losing weight and so far have lost nearly a stone..
I enjoy knitting but have to be in the mode, that also applys to sewing, which I can do from a pattern but have not done any for several years....
well not bad for a first post..? will try to keep posting...


  1. Congrats on setting upyour blog fab card I love the sentiment.
    Jenny x

  2. Well done chick looks like ur gettin the hang of it and looking good too xx